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My name is Andrew Stewart and I make custom Kydex® knife sheaths for all shapes and sizes of knives. I am committed to providing quality products and service for you with fast turn around times. I turned this hobby into a business in 2008 and it has been growing ever since, in great part to my customer service.

I spent 11 years in the US Air Force (9 Active Duty, and 2 Active Reserve) one of my jobs in the Air Force was as a Crew Chief (aircraft mechanic)  on F-111A/EF-111A , as well as A -10 aircraft. This is where I learned some of the quality’s that help me the most in this business to include but not limited to integrity.  I have over 20 years as an Aircraft mechanic and have worked with tools ever since I was old enough to take them off my Dad’s work bench. Somehow they never seemed to find there way back to the bench. (Sorry Dad)

I make Kydex® sheaths because I enjoy doing it. I love taking a raw product and making a beautiful and functional knife sheath that will last for years.  I don’t just knock out your sheath and send it back. I take extra care to give you the sheath that you want and deserve. This is not a numbers game to me, quality and satisfaction of workmanship is what it is about. I hope you will give me the chance to show you first hand what the word custom means to me.

That’s me receiving
the award on the right.
first deer 7 point (380x426)

Making Kydex® sheaths at Hoodlum’s gathering in Perdinales Falls, TX (Oct. 07)

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