I know some of you do not want to hear the word Christmas this early in November. However if you are looking for a custom kydex sheath for a Christmas gift for someone or yourself it is time to get your orders in.

To insure I have your order finished and back to you by Christmas you would need to have your order in by 1 December 2015. This means if you need to ship a knife to me for custom fitting it would need to be at my shop by that date.

So time to drop hints to your loved ones on the new sheath you want for Christmas.

And remember the new knives you receive for Christmas would be better in a custom kydex sheath from Armadillo Sheaths.

I look forward to hearing from you or the one ordering your new Custom kydex sheath form Armadillo Sheath.



Turn around time has been changed to 3 weeks

Although I have done all I can to keep my turn around time to two weeks the volume of orders has forced me to go to a three week turn around time.

I am thankful for all the orders.

Thank you for your understanding.


Turn around time is at two weeks!!

I just got back from vacation and my bench was cleared before I left.

Because of this I can offer a two week turn around time. Some orders will go out even a little before two weeks.

Be advised this time frame will increase as my order load increases.

I can tell you it will not last long as I am seeing a large number of orders roll in on my first day back.

So take advantage of this turn around time and contact me today with your sheath needs.


Accepting orders again

I am back from vacation and ready to accept orders once again.

For those of you who had to wait for me to return thank you for your understanding and support.

Contact me at



I Will Stop Taking Orders Soon

It is that time a year again when I go on a much needed vacation.

Because I am a one man shop I need to shut down in order to do that.  So here are the dates I will be closed.

All orders must be in and knives must arrive in my shop no later then 30 June 2015 as this is the last day I am accepting orders.

I will start taking orders again on 5 Aug 2015.

So if you have been putting off ordering your sheath and don’t want to wait until August it time to get ordering.

Thank you for your understanding.




Military, LEO, and First Responder Discounts

If you do not already know I offer Military, Law enforcement and First responder personal discounts on their orders.

I offer this because I know first hand how hard it is to make it on an enlisted persons pay. Anyone who is willing to put their life on the line for us deserves a discount its the least I can do.

However, I have found that not all have integrity. Some have lied to me about their Military, LEO, and First responder status, or lack of.

In the past I have not always asked for proof of the person’s status.


However, from now on I am requiring 100% proof of a persons status.

It is not right or fair for someone to receive a discount that they do not deserve.

I hope you understand and will support me in this effort.




General update 4/27/2015

I just wanted to keep you up to date as to what is going on at Armadillo Sheaths.

Orders have been great in 2015 and as a result my turn around time remains at 3 weeks. Some orders go out a little early and some right on time. And yes there is a few that go out a day or two over but that is normally do to an issue with an out of stock item.

The web site contact form has not been working 100% of the time so until is it fixed and working all the time I have taken it down and just have up my email address. If you filled out a contact form and did not receive an answer back from me this is why. So please send me any email at

I am out of stock on the Maxpedition MX1411G   OD green pouch/sheath and I do not know when I will be able to restock as my supplier is out of stock too. I do have a new color of Maxpedition pouch/sheath it is foliage green. The colors I have in stock are black, foliage green, and Khaki.

Vacation time is right around the bend and I will stop taking orders soon. I do not have the dates yet but I will post them soon. So if you need something get your orders in.

I hope you are all having a great 2015. Thank you all for your support.






Social media

More ways to connect with Armadillo Sheaths with Social Media


Facebook –  you can see most of the latest sheaths I have finished there.

Google plus – only use it once in a while.

Youtube channel (although I have not posted any videos in a bit)

And now I have just started a Twitter account @armadillosheath I will post photo and keep you up to date with random stuff around the shop.

I will do my best to post things that are of interest to all.

So have a look and like, friend, follow, and comment.


See you in cyberspace.







I will be updating my web page over the next few weeks or months.

I am going to try to make it more user friendly as well as look better over all.

So if you go to a page and it looks different don’t be alarmed.

You are still in the same place among friends.




Shipping Cost Have Gone Up

I try my best to keep the cost of my services as low as possible and still make it worth my time to make sheaths.

I do not pad my prices so I can offer a false “Free Shipping” I try to charge you what it cost me to ship the item. Some times I am on the mark with my prices and some times I am above or below the cost.

With this said the cost of shipping items using USPS has gone up. So you will see that reflected on your quotes.



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