Christmas 2014 Orders

Christmas is right around the corner.

If you have not already ordered your sheath and you want it for Christmas I am sorry but it will not be done in time.

My turn around time is 3 weeks from the date the order is placed if I have the knife in stock or 3 weeks from the date I receive the knife. This time frame done not

include the date it arrives as most shipments arrive after 4pm this also does not include observed holidays. 

I do all I can to get your order done in a timely manner without rushing through it and missing things.

From time to time orders go out early and some go out a day or two late.  This just depends on the amount of orders I have at that time.

Thank you for your orders, and understanding.







Special Thanks to Jared West of Quartermaster Knives.

I wanted to give a special thanks to Jared West of Quartermaster Knives for his donation of two knives.

The Thomas Magnum QTR-7 knives were auctioned off at the Columbus, TX FFA Alumni Boots and Bling event.

The money raised goes to scholarships, and other moneys needed to support the Columbus, TX High School FFA students.

The knives were a big hit and fetched a great amount of money.

If you have not looked into a Quartermaster knife you are missing out.

First off as you can tell Jared is a great person and his knife designs are one of a kind.

Not to mention that his knives are made in Texas, USA.

So stop by his site or a retailer who carries his knives and give them a look.



Brest Cancer Sheath Give Away Winner

Congratulations SSdyle is the winner of the Pink kydex sheath give away.

He is giving the Hot Pink kydex sheath to his wife for her Buck Hoods Woods Punk.

Thank you all for your entry’s.



(SSdyle is a forum name from the Hoods Woods Forum)



Order Rush Time!

It is that time a year again with the weather is turning cold, hunting season is underway and the Holidays are just weeks away.

This time of year brings a rush of orders here at Armadillo Sheaths. I am still holding on to my three week turn around time and I hope to keep it that way. So if you

plan on having a sheath made and need it back by a specific date please figure in this time frame. Please note the three weeks does not include shipping. 

In the past I have closed down over Christmas through New Years however, this year I will not shut down in order to keep up with the increased orders.

I hope everyone has a great Hunting season, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.


Thank you all for your continued support.



Brest Cancer Awareness Month Sheath Giveaway.

Brest Cancer Awareness month.

Hot Pink Kydex sheath giveaway.

First a bit of background.
Both of the Mothers in my Life (birth Mother and Mother-in-law) are breast cancer survivors. With October being Breast cancer awareness month I thought why not a giveaway of something pink.

This giveaway is for a hot pink kydex .080” thick sandwich style sheath with large tek lok shipped to your house. (US residents only) No knife just the sheath.
You have a choice of one of two sheaths.
1. Hoods Woods punk
2. BK2
There will be not substitution on the sheath.
So if you don’t want a hot pink sheath or you don’t have or want a Hoods Woods Punk or Ka bar BK2 then don’t enter.

How to enter:

Must be a Hood Woods forum member.
Giveaway is for the sheath only and not the knife.

Deadline for entry is October 31, 2014

I will post the winner on November 1 2014.

If I have missed something let me know.

Good luck.


Re-open for all orders

As the title states I am now open for all kydex knife sheath orders.

My time away was great, I was able to get a lot done and visit with friends. The bottom line, I recharged my battery.

I am going to do my best to clean up and stream line my web page so it flows better. You may already have noticed some changes and I am sure there will be more to come.

Hope this summer is going well for you too.



Last day for Orders

If you want a custom sheath from Armadillo Sheaths Your knife should have been here by now. (5/23/2014)

Still want one? The you will have to wait until I re-open custom orders sometime around 3 July 2014.

If you would like one of my pre-made sheath I will still accept your order until 5 June 2014 but the attachment will be limited to a Tec loc or molle loc.

Why am I shutting down for so long?

I need time to clear my bench before I go off on a business trip/vacation.

Thank you all for your understanding and support.




I Will Stop Taking Order Soon

As stated in the prior post I will be taking a break from sheath making to go take care of some other business and also take short vacation.


The last day to have a knife at my shop for a custom sheath is 23 May 2014.

Pre-made sheath orders will still be taken until 5 June 2014 depending on what is added to the sheath.

I will reopen for all order on 3 July 2014.

Contact me should you have any questions.

Thank you for your understanding and business.



Don’t Be In the Dark

From time to time things happen and I try my best to keep my customers and future customers informed as best as I can.

I will be taking a vacation and be away from the work bench for 3 weeks. This vacation is much needed as I am sure your vacation is too.

I will be cutting off orders sometime in June the date I have not decided on as of yet and reopening them in July.

My plan is to clear the bench before I go so I do not have any knives just sitting around when I am gone.

I have done this in the past so I do not anticipate that to be a problem this year. I just want to give you a heads up so you can plan accordingly if you wish to order a sheath.


I will post the dates as soon as I figure them out myself.

Thanks again for your Business and understanding.





The Law

In the movie Tombstone Ike says to Wyatt Earp  “Law don’t go around here, Law Dog!”

Well that is not the case here, except it is your responsibility to figure out what your State law is and if your new sheath/knife will fit within the law.

There was a recent discussion on one of my Facebook posts concerning State laws and legal knives to carry.

So I felt it was time to re-post the link to the knife laws State by State

Here is a helpful link to review the laws State by State.


Hope this helps.

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