EZ Order Sheaths

Custom Kydex Sheath

EZ order sheath

Is a list of knives I have on hand to form sheaths to.

This saves you time and money because you do not have to ship your knife if it is on the list.

However, If you have modified your knife in any way these sheaths will not fit properly and you will need to send me your knife.

Check our Ready to Ship page for sheaths that are finished. 

You will need to fill out the contact form to order. 


Buck packlite 140

Buck packlite 673

Buck Hoodlum

Buck Punk


Becker BK2

Becker BK5

Becker BK7 (starting at $45.99 and up)

Becker BK11 

Becker BK14 

Becker BK16

Becker BK17

Ka-Bar 5603 Adventure Parangatang


Cold Steel SRK

Cold Steel Master Hunter (without gut hook)


Entrek 11 Bravo


ESEE Izula


Fallkniven F1


Ka-Bar 5603 Adventure Parangatang


Leatherman Wave (have bit holder and bit cards too) (New)

Leatherman Z-Rex (New)


Mora clipper 860

Mora outdoor 2010


Ontario TAK – 1

Ontario RBS Afghan (Bush)


Schrade SCHF 9 (new)

Schrade SCHF 10 (new)


SOG team leader

SOG seal pup elite

SOG  Tsunami

SOG NW Ranger (New)


Hawks and Hatchets

American tomahawk —-Trail hawk


SOG —————————— Voodoo Hawk

SOG —————————— Fast Hawk

Tops——————————-ATAX (Hand AXE)

(mounting plates available For ATAX that allow you to use a tek lok or molle lock system. See article in July 2013 Tactical knives (pg 40)


Don’t see your knife listed and still want a custom kydex sheath? Not to worry just send it in and we can make the custom sheath of your dreams to fit your knife. Contact us for pricing.

Make sure to ask us about our discounts for Military, LE and First Responders.

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